2014-04-19 19:57:24 (GMT+08:00)
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The Republic of China requests the Republic of the Philippines to respond to four demands within 72 hours of midnight on May 11

The shooting attack on Republic of China fishing boat Guang Da Xing No. 28 (廣大興28號) by a Philippine government vessel resulted in the death of ROC crew member Hong Shi-cheng (洪石成), as well as serious damage to the boat which left it adrift. The Philippine government vessel then sailed away without offering any assistance, in violation of international law and failing to show a humanitarian spirit. The ROC cannot accept that the Philippine government would be so remiss in carrying out its obligations.

The ROC government asks that the Philippine government to respond to four demands: a formal apology; compensation; an expeditious investigation followed by the severe punishment of the perpetrators, and the speedy arrangement of negotiations on fishery matters. If the Philippine government does not respond positively to those demands within 72 hours of midnight, May 11, the ROC government will take the following measures in protest: suspending applications by laborers from the Philippines, recalling the ROC envoy to the Philippines, and sending the Philippine representative to Taiwan back to his home country to help with the proper resolution of this incident.

After the Guang Da Xing No. 28 was towed to Da Fu Port on Xiao Liuqiu, an ROC prosecutor went aboard the boat and discovered 52 bullet holes around the vessel and that Hong Shi-cheng had indeed been shot dead. The Philippine government vessel’s shooting of an unarmed fishing boat is an unconscionable cold-blooded act of violence. No claim of self-defense can justifiably be made by the Philippines.

The ROC government has shown consistent determination to defend sovereignty, fishing rights, and its citizen’s rights and interests. The shooting, and the subsequent reluctance of the Philippines to offer a formal apology, has aroused the strong indignation of the government and people of the Republic of China. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs therefore requests that the Philippine government face this issue squarely and respond positively and in a timely fashion to its demands.(E) 

Update:2013/5/14 Source:Public Diplomacy Coordination Council