Public Diplomacy Seminars
Data Source: Institute of Diplomacy and International Affairs       
In a world that places increasing value on democracy and human rights, Taiwan's continued democratic consolidation is earning it greater support from citizens and policymakers throughout the international community. Furthermore, Taiwanese public opinion overwhelmingly supports Taiwan's greater participation in international activities. In response to these aspirations, the institute continues to strive to expand Taiwan's participation with training programs. It also implies the democratization of foreign policy making, including the principles of accountability and transparency, bringing the public more fully into the process. To better promote public diplomacy, the institute launched the Public Diplomacy Seminars in 2005 and has developed a series of training programs for high school students, college students, key NGO and business leaders, as well as public servants. The seminars introduce participants to MOFA's work and policies, and to the foreign service experience. To date, a total of 9,326 people have participated in 65 seminars. Hopefully, they have all become "seeds" promoting public awareness of international affairs that concern Taiwan.