Taiwanese architecture art exhibition “Making Places” held in Estonia
Date: 2017/01/19    Data Source: Public Diplomacy Coordination Council
“Making Places”-the Taiwanese architecture art exhibition, organized by the “Fieldoffice Architects” led by the renowned Taiwanese architect Mr. Sheng-Yuan Huang, is displayed at the Museum of Estonian Architecture in Tallinn. Dozens of Estonian dignitaries in the fields of architecture and academic attended the opening ceremony, presided by the museum director Trinn Ojari on January 13th, 2017.
Mr. Huang and Dr. Chun-Hsiung Wang, President of “Taiwanese Alliance for Architectural Modernity” respectively gave lectures on the Exhibition and on Taiwanese architecture to the guests in the opening reception.
Director Ojari remarked at the reception that architect Huang’s vision to renovate existing public spaces for the well-being of the neighborhood is truly remarkable and set an example on the collaboration between professionals and local government.  Chun-Wei Chang of the Taipei Mission in the Republic of Latvia also stated that it is a very rare and precious opportunity for the “Fieldoffice Architects” to organize such an amazing exhibition in Estonia to showcase the mutually beneficial results of private-public partnership in Yilan. He believed Estonian friends would have a chance to understand more about the innovative values of Taiwanese architecture. Infrastructure and architecture are no longer only commercially focused, but also seek to establish connections between land and its inhabitants. He also expressed gratitude to the Museum of Estonian Architecture for its dedication and support for the exhibition.
Detailed scale models, photos, billboards and videos present the results of community renewal, environment afforestation and public space renovation projects executed by the “Fieldoffice Architects” in Yilan, and large standing posters of Taiwan images are also displayed at the ceremony, introducing the beauty of Taiwan to all participants.
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    1. Entrance to the Exhibition

      Entrance to the Exhibition

    2. Mr. Sheng-Yuan Huang giving a lecture at the opening reception

      Mr. Sheng-Yuan Huang giving a lecture at the opening reception