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MOFA thanks EU for urging dialogue and cooperation, expressing concern over cross-strait security following incursion of Chinese fighter jets
Date: 2019/04/03    Data Source: Public Diplomacy Coordination Council
April 2, 2019
No. 071

Responding to an incident on March 31 in which two Chinese fighter jets crossed the Taiwan Strait median line, a spokesperson for the European External Action Service said on April 2 that the EU has a strong interest in peace and security in Asia.
“Tensions in the Far East can only have a negative impact on our own security, as well as on our trade and our economies, including the flourishing trade between China and Taiwan,” he said. “Both sides must avoid actions and words that may increase tensions around the Strait,” the spokesperson added. “We look to China and Taiwan to engage constructively with one another, and to restart dialogue. We are willing to support all initiatives aimed at promoting dialogue, cooperation and confidence-building between the two sides.”
Since China’s leader hardened his stance toward Taiwan in a speech on January 2, the European