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Foreign Minister Joseph Wu highlights Taiwan’s strategic importance at the Indo-Pacific Security Dialogue
Date: 2018/08/31    Data Source: Public Diplomacy Coordination Council

August 30, 2018
No. 213

Minister of Foreign Affairs Jaushieh Joseph Wu highlighted the important role that Taiwan plays in the Indo-Pacific region in a speech delivered at the Indo-Pacific Security Dialogue, held in Taipei on August 30. Nearly 200 guests attended the event, including former US Navy Admiral and Supreme Allied Commander of NATO James G. Stavridis, former US Deputy National Security Advisor Nadia Schadlow, lawmakers from Japan, Taiwan, and the United States, as well as many Taiwanese and foreign scholars and experts.

In his remarks, Minister Wu reiterated that democracy is a vital factor underlying a free and open Indo-Pacific, as well as an indispensable cornerstone for regional peace, stability and prosperity. Stressing that there is a need for like-minded countries to strengthen democratic institutions in the region, he declared that Taiwan is prepared to share its experiences in democratization and building a robust civil society and serve as a model for other nations. 

Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy, which has won widespread recognition for its success in the past two years, can complement efforts by the US and Japan in the Indo-Pacific region, he said, adding that Taiwan is eager to work with all willing partners to form industrial partnerships and engage in experience sharing, allocating US$3.5 billion to support infrastructure and development projects in New Southbound Policy partner countries.

In observing that there is a security dynamic to the Indo-Pacific region, Minister Wu said that while no intention exists to inhibit the rise of any particular country, like-minded nations should strengthen their sense of collective security and defend the rights of countries to be treated with equality and respect, and to remain free from coercion. He stressed that Taiwan is an ideal partner for like-minded countries in their Indo-Pacific strategies, and that Taiwan is willing to safeguard core values such as freedom and democracy as well as conduct trade, investment, and expertise exchanges with other countries. Minister Wu concluded by saying that a free and open Indo-Pacific is only possible if like-minded countries work together in the spirit of dialogue and cooperation.

The 2018 Indo-Pacific Security Dialogue offered a platform for in-depth discussions on how to advance freedom, openness, and governance in the region, as well as address security and economic challenges. It also provided an opportunity to examine the cooperative relations between like-minded nations such as Australia, India, Japan, Taiwan, and the US from the perspective of regional peace and stability. Indeed, the event contributed to exchange of ideas among governments, lawmakers, and academics from the region, thereby laying a solid foundation for long-term partnerships. (E)


Foreign Minister Wu speaks with former US Navy Admiral and Supreme Allied Commander of NATO James G. Stavridis and former US Deputy National Security Advisor Nadia Schadlow.

Minister Wu delivers remarks during the opening ceremony.

Attendees listen as Minister Wu delivers remarks.