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Premier Wu Den-yih, as The President’s Special Envoy, Lead A Delegation to Burkina Faso to Participate in President Blaise Compaoré’s Inauguration Ceremony
Date: 2010/12/17    Data Source: 公眾外交協調會
As the president’s special envoy, Premier Wu Den-yih will lead a delegation to Burkina Faso, Taiwan’s West African diplomatic ally, on December 18 to participate in President Blaise Compaoré’s inauguration ceremony, which takes place on December 20. Among the 18-member delegation are Minister of Foreign Affairs Timothy C.T. Yang and other cabinet members. One of the seven candidates in Burkina Faso’s fourth presidential election held on November 21 this year, incumbent President Blaise Compaoré was re-elected with 80.15% of the vote. His term will run until 2015. President Blaise Compaoré was first elected in 1991 and then re-elected in 1998. A constitutional amendment in the year 2000 saw the presidential term shortened from seven years to five years. President Blaise Compaoré ran for president again in 2005 and was again re-elected. This year marks the fourth time President Blaise Compaoré has been re-elected with a landslide majority. He is dedicated to promoting Burkina Faso’s democratic and economic development, as well as mediating political disputes in the region. His achievements have not only made him popular internationally, but have become an important factor in the stability of the West African region. Cooperation between Taiwan and Burkina Faso is well established and has produced solid results over the years. The focus for future cooperation is vocational training, agriculture, health and medical care, and the promotion of, among other things, solar energy projects, Lamps for Africa and environmental sustainability. Besides participating in the inaugural celebrations, the Taiwan delegation will call on President Blaise Compaoré, meet with other key political figures such as Premier Tertius Zongo, host the completion ceremony of the Ziniaré Demonstration Center for Vocational Training, visit the newly-opened National Hospital of Blaise Compaoré, and inspect the solar powered street lamps project. On behalf of the government of the Republic of China (Taiwan), the delegation will also convey appreciation to the staff of Taiwan’s medical missions stationed in Burkina Faso, as well as to Taiwanese compatriots living there. The delegation is scheduled to return to Taiwan on December 25.(E)