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Representative Hsieh played host to delegation from Matsu ( Taipei Representative Office in Singapore )
日期:2013/07/10    資料來源:公眾外交協調會

imgOn 28 June 2013, Representative Hsieh and his staff warmly greeted the arrival of Magistrate Yang Sui-sheng of Lienchiang County and his 16 delegation members at the Taipei Representative Office in Singapore.

In his welcome address, Mr Hsieh not only gave the visitors a brief synopsis of the bilateral ties between Taiwan and Singapore but also exchanged views and experiences with them on issues concerning urban and industrial developments in Singapore. Magistrate Yang, on the other hand, elaborated on the future development plans and construction blueprints for Mazu Islands.

In developing Matsu’s tourism infrastructures, Magistrate Yang hoped the Matsu islands can mirror Singapore’s success in construction and development of its integrated resorts. Separately, mainstream newspapers in Singapore such as The Straits Times and Lianhe Zaobao had also reported vastly on the characteristics and tourism features in Matsu islands and this had to a great extent helped Singaporeans to know the islands better.

Magistrate Yang also aggressively promoted Matsu’s produced kaoliang or sorghum liquor. He explained Matsu’s efforts to protect endangered species and ecological environment. The reappearance of Chinese Crested Tern, a type of bird species which had not been spotted for many years, is one of the efforts that Magistrate Yang was proud of. He was convinced that the excellent preservation of the Matsu islands’ ecological heritage will lure many Taiwanese and foreign visitors to tour the Matsu Islands.


  1. Magistrate Yang Sui-sheng of Lienchiang County presented a commemorative album containing scenic pictures of Matsu islands to Representative Hsieh.
  2. Representative Hsieh greeted the arrival of Magistrate Yang and his team in his welcome address.
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