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Data Source: Public Diplomacy Coordination Council       
March 20, 2020
1. Jan. 18, 2020
In a joint statement issued by China and Myanmar on January 18, Myanmar said it firmly adheres to the "one China principle," and recognizes Taiwan as being an inalienable part of China. Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs solemnly protested this statement, and condemns such false statements that diminish the sovereignty of the Republic of China (Taiwan). MOFA reiterated that Taiwan is not part of the PRC, that only the democratically elected government of Taiwan can represent Taiwan in the international arena, and that the PRC has never governed Taiwan for even a single day, and has no right to speak for Taiwan on the international stage.

2. Jan. 22, 2020
Even as coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) continued to spread, the World Health Organization (WHO) failed to provide timely and complete information concerning the epidemic to Taiwan. Moreover, in its situation report concerning COVID-19 developments, WHO listed confirmed cases from Taiwan as being from “Taiwan, China.”
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs instructed its offices abroad to lodge a solemn protest with WHO and demanded that it make appropriate corrections. However, in updated reports, WHO continued to list Taiwan as part of China’s epidemic-affected area. WHO’s inappropriate listing has led to confusion in the international community while also harming the rights and interests of the Taiwanese people.
MOFA demanded that WHO immediately revise its incorrect listing of Taiwan and called on WHO to maintain professional neutrality and act to defend the health of all humankind. In addition, it demanded that WHO not give in to unreasonable political demands by China’s government and further requested that WHO invite Taiwan to regularly attend the World Health Assembly as well as participate in WHO meetings, mechanisms, and activities to ensure that there is no gap in global disease prevention work.

3. Jan. 28, 2020
The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has blocked many Twitter accounts of individuals around the world for supporting Taiwan, accusing them of spreading misinformation. ICAO’s complicity with unreasonable actions by the Chinese government has infringed upon the fundamental right to freedom of speech. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its strong dissatisfaction and directed its representative office in Canada to express the government’s strongest protest to ICAO via many channels.

4. Feb. 13, 2020
In press releases concerning the economic effects of travel restrictions imposed in light of the spread of coronavirus disease 2019, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has inappropriately referred to Taiwan as [China’s] “Taiwan Province.” The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has lodged a solemn protest and expressed dissatisfaction for ICAO’s abandonment of professional neutrality, which has made it a party to China’s efforts to suppress Taiwan’s international status. The ROC representative office in Canada called on ICAO to make appropriate corrections as soon as the issue was discovered.