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ROC Embassy Supports Tuvalu Tourism Promotional Program (Embassy of the Republic of China(Taiwan), Funafuti, Tuvalu)
Date: 2007/05/23    Data Source: 公眾外交協調會
Vaiaku Lagi Hotel in Funafuti was built in 1993 with financial assistance from the government of the Republic of China (Taiwan). Being situated next to a panoramic lagoon, the hotel lets its guests enjoy scenic views. In addition, they can conveniently swim in the chest-high water anytime. The scenic views are spectacular when the sun sets behind the hotel. (see attachments 1, 2 and 3) However, due to lack of international flights to and from Funafuti, tourism in Tuvalu has not been fully developed. This beautiful South Pacific island and its wonderful people and customs have yet to be discovered by the outside world. The General Manager of the hotel Mrs. Risassi Finekaso is the wife of Tuvalu’s Minister of Communication, Transport, Works and Energy, Taukelina Finekaso. Mrs. Rissasi is dedicated to increasing business opportunities by attracting more guests and diners to the hotel. Therefore in January 2007, she devised the promotional plan “Wednesday Night Buffet Dinner.” It combines local Tuvaluan dishes with other dishes created after chief chef visited Taiwan. The dinner is followed by pacific island dancing. This way the guests can enjoy South Pacific food and culture. (see attachments 4 and 5) More importantly, the cost of this wonderful dinner is only AUD$15, or about NT$400, which is rather inexpensive. Taiwan’s Ambassador to Tuvalu, Daniel Liao, has supported this promotional idea from the very start. Therefore, since January 2007, he has been arranging for all of his Wednesday evening social functions to be held at the Vaiaku Lagi Hotel, typically reserving at least ten seats and at times even more than twenty each time. This provides the hotel with regular customers and gives confidence to the General Manager. (Attachment 6 & 7) In consequence, the quality of both the food and dance has become more appealing, interesting and enjoyable. Over several months, Wednesday nights at Lagi Hotel have been very busy, and onc can always see a smile on General Manager Rissasi’s face. (Attachment 8) On May 2, 2007 (Wednesday), Ambassador Liao hosted a farewell dinner for Prime Minister and Madame Ielemia before departing on one of their business trips overseas. The venue of the event was none other than Vaiaku Lagi Hotel. The Prime Minister was very happy to see for the first time the liveliness and success of the hotel. When he learnt from Ambassador Liao that both the Embassy and the Technical Mission are supportive of the buffet, he thanked Ambassador Liao for helping Tuvalu in its development, and assisting Tuvalu’s one and only hotel gain business, thereby contributing to the local tourism industry. (Attachment 9) Photo1:Front view of Vaiaku Lagi Hotel Photo2:Lagoon side of Vaiaku Lagi Hotel (Photo taken at the hotel entertainment area) Photo3:Beautiful scenic view during sunset Photo4:Polynesian dance performed by hotel staff Photo5:Guests enjoying themselves at the Wednesday event Photo6:Technical Mission Leader Lin hosting a dinner for Tuvalu’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Natural Resources, Lands, and Environment Photo7:Ambassador Liao hosting a dinner for Japan’s NGO Coordinator Shuuichi Endou together with the Mobile Medical Team Photo8:General Manager Rissasi smiling due to the success of Vaiaku Lagi Hotel Photo9:Ambassador Liao hosting a farewell dinner for Prime Minister and Madame Ielemia before their overseas business trip
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