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ROC-Germany Working Holiday Program annual application quota boosted
March 24, 2016
No. 074                                  

The Republic of China and Germany have agreed to expand the annual youth working holiday applicant quota for each side from 300 to 500.

The quota at the program’s initiation was 200, according to the related agreement signed October 11, 2010, but it proved such a success that the two sides agreed in October 2014 to increase the cap to 300. Following government-to-government negotiations, the two sides have now agreed to raise the quota to 500 for the program year that began October 11, 2015, the annual start date, demonstrating the willingness of both sides to continue youth and cultural exchanges.

The implementation of the youth working holiday program has improved Taiwan’s young people’s understanding of the language, culture, society, and way of life of Germany, as well as expanded their horizons and improved their career prospects. Young people from Germany have also enrolled in the program to experience the beautiful scenery, local customs, and culture of Taiwan, and learn Mandarin Chinese. This has helped further friendships and exchanges between the young people of Taiwan and Germany.

Germany was the first European country to launch a reciprocal youth working holiday program with the ROC. The two sides issue one-year working holiday visas to program enrollees and a duration of stay not exceeding 12 months. The program is open to those between the ages of 18 and 30 who intend to vacation in the host country and work short-term to cover part of travel expenses.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises those interested in applying for German working holiday visas to collect information beforehand, such as by visiting the German Institute in Taipei website or contacting the Ministry’s Department of European Affairs. Upon arriving in Germany, working holiday travelers are advised to maintain contact with the nearest ROC representative office in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, or Frankfurt. (E)